It’s About Relationships

” Relationships are based on four principals: respect, understanding, acceptance and appreciation.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Real estate may not come to mind when thinking about service industries but that is what we provide: assistance and expertise to customers and clients rather than providing goods or products. We work extremely hard for our clients throughout the home selling or home buying processes, working all hours, seven days a week, holidays and birthdays as well. Real estate punches no time cards; it’s a dynamic industry that is always evolving and no two clients or purchase contracts are ever the same. It’s exciting and cannot be done with success without loving the job. And boy do we at Cam Taylor! As our estimable leader, Phil Giessler states often “It’s about relationships, it’s about the people.”

Some of our agents have decades or experience, some are newer to the industry. Many are long time residents in and around Columbus, some have left and come back home, some are new to town. We are active participants in our communities. We get involved to make them the best places to live in the country through our work, service to residents, school and charity involvements. We love Columbus and love to share it with everyone.

With the exciting news from a recent poll that Columbus is ranked number two in the country on the “Hot List” for real estate market, just behind Midland, Texas, one can see the competitive nature in the market continuing. Agents and Buyers alike must be vigilant and ready to see a property and make an offer as quickly as possible. Being prequalified is a must in a fast-paced environment and no caveat of the purchase contract is too small to study and be creative in making offers the strongest they can be out the door. There are few second chances in our current market.

What sets Cam Taylor agents apart is our commitment to our Buyers in such a market, we want you to have the home you desire at the lowest price possible, on your terms. If that means seeing twenty homes in one day, we’ll make it work. If that means writing offers late into the evening, happy to do it. Our commitment to our relationships is our strength, we work for you and will be with you every step of the way. For Sellers, we do not simply put a sign in the yard and have it play out, we are active guides from pre-listing/staging phase, to handling requested home remedies, right through to the day of closing of your home. We are always there for our clients after the transaction as well, it’s an ongoing commitment.

The importance of relationships extends beyond our clients as well from working amicably with other agents, recommending local experts in their fields such as inspectors, contractors, specialists to aid in remedy items for our Sellers, lenders whom we trust. If newer agents need a name to recommend, seasoned agents are there to provide names. It’s a team effort at Cam Taylor.

We are also set apart in our very slogan: “We’re Local. We’re Global.” We are proud to be a part of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, an invitation-only group of specialized brokerages that network around this country and beyond. Our Relocation Manager Amy Gray works tirelessly to grow and maintain our relationships in this elite group so that we are able to match clients to brokerages anywhere from Seattle to New York, Florida to Montana, all the way into the European markets and beyond. We know many fellow brokers and agents personally and attend seminars to meet more. Phil Giessler entered the relocation aspect of real estate when he saw a need that was not being met back in 1968. We have the national and global reach to bring your home’s listing to a wider audience in a personal way. Our work with relocation clients new to our city is one of our best sources of pride and joy. And again, we love introducing new clients to our wonderful city and its many amenities, as it is no accident Columbus ranks second out of so many wonderful cities around the country.

Let us be of service to you in the home buying or home selling processes: we love what we do and we love the relationships we establish with each client, it makes all the difference!

Sources: “The Hottest Markets in June 2018: What Happens When They Get Too Hot?” by Cecily Wedewood, July 5, 2018,; image courtesy of Shutterstock

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