Cam Taylor Testimonials

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The whole process went as smooth as possible thanks to Joe & Susan.

Thank you for all that you did.

Mike R

Susan was very knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process.

We would highly recommend her to anyone!

K David Tritsch

Seth did a great job making this move/transition smooth.

He was knowledgeable, provided weekly updates of houses on the market, and when we finally met with him to go house hunting, he was extremely organized, professional, and made 2 long days of house hunting as less stressful as possible. He is highly recommended.

Sarah B

Seth was excellent.

Extremely personable and professional. Answered all of our questions accurately and promptly. I will recommend him to anyone in the Columbus area.

Zacharias B

Seth was fantastic!

Even our Relocation Specialist noticed his attention to detail and professionalism.

Douglas S

I was connected to your company and to Seth because of a referral from my employer, Huntington National Bank.

Seth was more than I expected and probably the best realtor that I have worked with both professionally and personally. Fantastic.

Russell B

We were first connected to Phil through our realtor in Highland Park , IL.

Phil was gracious and knowledgeable and listened well to what we were and were not interested in. Through Phil we then met Seth, who did most of the heavy lifting as our home-buying process continued. Seth was friendly, professional, and bent over backwards to be helpful in all the right ways. I have nothing but praise for Seth and for Phil. We enjoyed our experience with Cam Taylor very much and would certainly work with them again.

Megan H

Cid and Joe we’re amazing!

We would highly recommend them!

Rebekah U

Seth could not have done anymore than he did.

He exhibited professionalism at the highest level and kept us completed informed every step of the way. He is certainly an asset to your company.

Robert G

Joe is great.

He has the vision to see what a house can be with a little TLC. If I had a question he had the answer or tried to find the answer for me. He is a hands on agent who did what he could to make the buying process as painless as possible.

Christine Wotring

Hi there, Joe is a good friend of mine so I am partial, however, I know he would go above and beyond for anyone.

He is kind, honest, smart and dependable. He is not at all "salesey" and I never felt pressured to proceed in anyway that I was not comfortable. I would recommend him highly to all friends. family and colleagues and will be using him to sell my house in the next month. Thanks!

Cynthia J

Joe and Susan Did a fantastic job listening to our needs and scheduling appointments with other agents with our short window.

Also well plugged in the market for family doctors. Shopping and great entertainment with family. I appreciate their solid communication and has developed into a relationship friendship. I plan to recommend Joe and Susan who represent Cam Taylor brand with first class service. Thanks for your passion to your clients. It goes a long way.

Josh B

We were in a relocation and Seth could not have been more helpful, understanding, and accommodating.

Beyond this his knowledge of the market and preparation is second to none. we were thoroughly impressed with him and would recommend him to anyone who asks. Seth is a star.

Jeffrey B

My wife has already written a clear, compelling testimonial describing our experience in working with Seth Janitzki.

I thought he was extremely knowledgeable, incredibly responsible, and enormously helpful during each phase of our home-buying experience. If I bought or sold another home in the area, I would work with Seth Janitzki.

Jeffrey F

Seth was really great.

On the first they he really got a good feel of the type of properties we liked , our budget, preferences etc.

Gerardo R

Seth was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.

AND he helped me get the most "out" of my house upon it's sale. Thank you Seth for all that you did! Jennifer Browers

Jennifer B

"Susan is a great realtor ,loved everything about her and her diligence, will DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone and everyone!

!! " 4/15/2019 - Michael J

Michael J

This was our 20th address in 36 years of marriage and that means A LOT of experience dealing with realtors!

Seth was hands down the best we've had... in every aspect of the transaction. He was crazy knowledgeable about every aspect of the sale, communication with all parties could not have been better, he was so helpful with finding us contractors and , most of all, he is a gentleman. My husband and I would highly recommend Seth.

Liz S

"The whole process went as smooth as possible thanks to Joe & Susan.

Thank you for all that you did." 3/24/2019 - Mike R

Mike R

Seth went above and beyond every step of the way.

We had a great experience buying our first home, and really appreciated how willing Seth was to be flexible, honest, and how available he was. He balanced the line of friend and professional extremely well, and we never felt pressured or pushed into any decision or non-decision. It's clear that Seth knows a lot about real estate, and a lot about homes—we found his advice and knowledge incredibly helpful, and it gave us a confidence while buying I don't think we would have had otherwise. A major thanks to Seth for helping us make this happen!

Benjamin B

I couldn’t have gone through this process without Joe.

He made certain I understood every step. Without his patience, knowledge and kindness I would have been lost. He is such a valuable asset to your company. I will recommend him to anyone I know needing a realtor!

Dianne W

Seth was awesome during a very stressful time in our lives, which included moving from a different state.

He helped us find a beautiful home efficiently without numerous trips to and from Columbus. He was always available for questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in the Columbus area.

Leslie B

Joe was great throughout the entire process.

He always responded to any questions or requests very quickly and was very knowledgeable. Joe always provided excellent feedback that had my best interests in mind and helped me to make informed decisions. I would gladly recommend him to anyone for their real estate needs.

Tyler M

Seth was absolutely great.

He had much patience with us in finding our perfect home. Seth took exactly what we told him we wanted and found it for us! He went above and beyond for us!

Julie E

Seth did a great job, very responsive and professional.

We will recommend him to friends!

Paul Droessler

Seth was awesome- he made my fiance and I feel comfortable and excited about this huge step in our lives!

We love our home and are grateful for our fantastic realtor.

Jessica Banes

I was referred to Joe Schneider by a military referral service.

He was very polite and answered all my wife and my questions. He was very calm and patient with us as this was our first time purchasing a home, and we were very nervous throughout the entire process. Joe gave us the piece of mind and guided us front start to finish flawlessly. After numerous showings and a few offer/counter offers we finally closed on a beautiful property in Pickerington, OH on 3/26/18. If you are in the market for finding a home in the Columbus, reach out to Joe Schneider, he will definitely take care of you!!!! Mark Stevenson

Mark S

Seth was referred to us through our selling agent in another state.

It can be a little uncertain to choose an agent cold-turkey, and frankly, I normally might have gravitated toward someone a little older! But we were exceptionally pleased with the job Seth did for us. He worked hard, responded very quickly to all our questions/concerns (and we had quite a few), got the details right, and was very balanced in pointing out both plusses and minuses of various properties. He represented us well in negotiations. He was always very professional and on several occasions really went above and beyond in service. Seth always gave us his undivided attention and the feeling like we were his only clients--quite a skill for a busy agent! We are grateful we had the opportunity to work with Seth and would not hesitate to refer him to others.

Joy F

I am satisfied with my purchase so far.

James Wittenmyer

Joe is the most incredible agent, and I will recommend him to everyone I know looking for a house, forever.

(In fact, I already did recommend him to a friend, who is now working with him.) There are a number of things that make Joe a great realtor. (1) He is incredibly knowledgeable about houses, particularly old houses. He has done a lot of work on his own houses in the past, so knows a ton about the structural integrity of houses, basements, what can realistically be done in terms of renovations, etc. He also knows a ton about boilers, electrical wiring, you name it. I learned SO MUCH from chatting with him, while walking through all these houses. (2) He is incredibly honest. I'm an inherently skeptical person; dentists are absolutely out to get your money, doctors are just moving you through for the billing time, and I've never trusted a car mechanic. I trust Joe completely. Obviously, he needs to sell houses to make money, but he also truly wants to sell you a house that will make you happy, that has the correct mixture of qualities and trade-offs for your personal tastes and interests. (3) Because he knows a lot about houses, and also really cares about finding a house that you will love, he is great at sort of figuring out your "type" and then looking for it. After spending a few weeks looking at houses with Joe, he had memorized the things I wanted, things I didn't like, my stylistic preferences, whether I cared about a garage vs. a back yard vs. an extra bathroom, etc. This makes him a really effective realtor, because he would immediately send me notes on all houses that fell within my "type." (4) He knows a lot about the market structure of neighborhoods across Columbus. He was able to guess very accurately about the direction prices were moving, whether an individual house would sell for over or under listing price, etc. I learned a lot from him about the housing market, as well as about houses themselves. (5) He is incredibly patient. I looked for houses for a year. This is NOT great for a realtor, because that's a ton of time they have to put into the final payment... but he never, ever made me feel like he was anxious for me to finally buy a house. (6) He will tell you honestly if he thinks there are problems with a house, or a house isn't worth the money. This is sort of a re-iteration of previous points, but it's so important that it's worth mentioning on it's own. All in all, I had an incredibly good experience looking for houses with Joe, and I LOVE the house I finally bought. I'm so grateful that I stumbled into working with him, plan to recommend him to everyone I know looking for a house, and would never work with another realtor, under any circumstances. Cam Taylor is lucky to have him.

Leah B

Seth did an excellent job!

Couldn't have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable or patient person to work with!

Scott A

Susan listed my house and walked me through the entire process.

It is a very emotional to let your first home go to find a new one and she was very patient, honest and helped me prepare, from staging my home to perfection to helping me decide the right list price. I ended up in contract within 48 hours for well over asking with almost a dozen offers! I can’t say enough about how comfortable and easy she made this milestone for me and have already recommended her to friends and family! Thank you Susan!!!

Kati U

Susan was awesome.

Very knowledgeable and fun to work with.

Amber Thornsberry

Hands down, Seth Janitzki is the best realtor in Columbus.

Zachary Sugarman

Seth was amazing!

He is clearly a market expert, and had many tools and suggestions for us throughout the process that helped us get the best possible outcome on a perfect home. Highly recommend!

Danielle Sugarman

Seth is great

Michelle DoCeglio

Joe was an absolute delight to work with.

He was extremely responsibe, knowledgeable and really just an extremely nice guy in general.

Nathaniel McCallister

Joe was great to work with.

He made the buying experience really easy for us.

Ron R

Seth was an excellent agent!

He helped us find our perfect house and helped us make a competitive offer that was accepted in a multiple-offer situation. He was very patient and responsive to our questions throughout the home-buying process and made the entire process easy. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an agent to use him!

Jessica S

Best real estate agent I’ve ever worked with.

Knowledgeable, patient, practical, responsive, professional, respectful.

Susan Mahler

We can’t say enough good things about Seth.

He was easy to contact and it was easy to schedule showings with him. He was pleasant to be around and super knowledgeable about every part of the process. He also jumped in to help at the first sign of any hiccup. He was just fantastic and we will recommend him to everyone!

Liberty Rucker

I will be providing detailed feedback about the outstanding work that Seth has done once this process is complete.

Travis Burlile

Seth was fantastic!

! He was very responsive and knowledgeable! I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. Great to work with!

Jane Martino

My experience with Joe Schneider was outstanding!

Joe and his wife Susan are kind, honest and hard working professionals who have let me feel like I was their top priority throughout the whole process. They seemed very experienced and knowledgeable and always responded quickly to all my inquiries. I would highly recommend them to all buyers!

Jiri Caganek

Joe was amazing throughout the entire process.

When issues little or big would come up Joe had an answer and a solution, usually before we even knew it was a problem. We also had a very challenging issue of having to close on our old property and new property within hours of each other. Joe did a great job of coordinating this and every other aspect of the process

Tyler S

We found Cam Taylor through our relocation firm in Minneapolis (Fazendin).

Seth was very smart, highly detailed, always on top of things, and informative. He was maybe a little less well informed about Upper Arlington relative to other areas but he made up for it in his attention to all the details. We felt highly confident in his abilities and he was highly professional always.......would recommend Cam Taylor and Seth again for sure

Steven D

We were referred to Cam Taylor and Seth by a realtor in Cincinnati.

We are SO HAPPY we were referred to Seth! He is a great guy and was so helpful throughout the whole process. We loved how well he knew the neighborhoods we were looking at. He explained how to look for important things, such as water damage in basements. He helped us negotiate making an offer and negotiating the sale price. He provided helpful tips about closing. I felt secure in every step we took throughout the process because of the great guidance from Seth. We asked a lot of questions and, as first-time homebuyers, needed a lot of education about the process. Seth went above and beyond to provide that. I would tell anyone buying a house in the Columbus area to get Seth as their realtor.

Shannon Clay

Seth was assigned to us through our relocation company.

The level of service he provided was exceptional! He truly went above and beyond any realtor I have worked with. Seth knows the area and housing market very well. He is able to walk you through the process and guide you each step of the way. He also applies a high level of detail from purchasing contracts and home inspections to the final walk through. Seth is patient , polite and professional; which makes one feel at ease in a stressful situation. Whenever there was a issue or concern along the way he would take care of it immediately. Usually after the process of buying a home your realtor is on to selling or buying their next house. Not Seth! He checked in after closing to see if there were any issues. We spent months finding the right house and we finally found the right home for us. We could. It have done it without him.

Johanan Jeyaraj

Incredible agent!

Very knowledgeable, has a great pulse for the area, and what the buyer is looking for. Made the buying process simple and easy. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Andrew B

Seth was the best Realtor I have worked with.

Our house sold just above what he estimated it would sell. He answered all my phone calls and texts. If he was not able to answer I would get a reply within an hour.

Christopher O

Seth was a really great realtor!

He was very patient and gave his honest opinion when we were not sure on things. He was also very responsive when during our closing process and walked us through every step of the way! I would recommend Seth to any future colleagues or friends!

Emily M

We were given Seth J.

’s contact information as part of a relocation process so our options were limited to those suggested by our company. We were nervous about this process, but too our surprise we got paired with an amazing agent. Seth was so helpful, timely, and considerate of our needs during the home search process. If your looking for a personable agent who knows the Columbus market, because we did not, then you need to look this agent up. He is a huge asset to his company’s team, and I hope he is recognized for providing such an excellent experience to his clients. All thumbs up, our expectations were met and certainly exceeded! Thank you Seth.

Garrett M

Joe was great!

always quick to respond to my (many) questions at all hours of the day. We really appreciated his attentiveness! He was always very organized and on top of deadlines as well.

Aaron M

Joe Schneider was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire process.

As well as patient and understanding with our situation.

John Jesenovic

Seth is excellent to work with.

He provided guidances & suggestions throughout our relocation process which helped us greatly. With his support, we were able to sell our house right before Christmas.

Hsiao-Lan H

Susan was amazing.

She was very responsive and was able to show us many houses! And we made her look at a lot!!! When she couldn't make it with some of our last minute notices Joe was able to show us a house. These two are absolutely the best realtors we have had and this is our 3 purchase. Thank you both so much for making this incredibly stressful situation a fun experience!

Christine S

Seth rocks!

He is very professional and goes above and beyond.

Danielle L

Seth was great to work with!

He was very informative and helped us stay positive in a difficult situation. It was a great experience! Thank you!

Madelyn Cook

Seth was really good all the time, he was able to understand our needs and preference and short list the best properties.

Berenice O

I have been involved with several home purchases in the past.

Seth has been my favorite realtor. I will ask him to sell this house when that time comes. We will most likely show up at some of his open houses in the future to keep in touch.

Steven Counes

Seth was the BEST realtor!

He had great knowledge of the market and new we could get above asking in our area! He was right on the money when it came to the price point. He did everything necessary to help us get our home ready to sell including helping me sweep our back patio before pictures! He knew to each room should look at wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. I appreciate that work ethic.

Nicole O

Seth was great to work with.

He is knowledgeable about the marketplace and honest in his assessment. We would recommend Seth over and over again!

Joshua Barkan

Susan is awesome!

She truly cares about her clients and always has their best interest at heart. I would recommend her to everyone I know.

Kari Bellar

Our agent Seth is an ideal real estate agent.

He is incredibly detail oriented, knows the market, and has his clients best interests in mind. He made himself available at any time. His personal knowledge and connections were what ultimately got us our house. He was always 100% personable and professional. In summation, I think he should get a large raise.

James S

Joe Schneider was, hands down, the best agent I could have asked for, and I give him my strongest recommendation.

Joe embodies every quality one would want in a realtor: 1) a keen understanding of the local housing market; 2) extensive knowledge about houses; 3) completely unbiased advice specifically tailored to the client; and 4) a lot of patience. First, having been in the business for many years, Joe knows the housing market inside-out. During every showing, he would give us a rough estimate of what the house might be worth, and within a few hours, he would send us detailed market analysis with a more accurate estimate. He was surprisingly close to the final sales price almost every time, even when auto-generated estimates (e.g. from Zillow) were far off. Second, during each showing, Joe would carefully study every detail in the house and provide an assessment of its quality, comparing it to similar houses and giving suggestions for repairs and remodeling solutions. His wife, Susan Tritsch, also a realtor at CamTaylor, would frequently come to showings, and her unique expertise and often different perspective, was also incredibly valuable. Third, while I would have expected a buyer’s agent to be somewhat pushy in order to make a quick transaction, this was never the case with Joe. Instead, he quickly learned exactly what we were looking for and would provide an honest assessment of how each house would fit our needs. Finally, Joe is among the most patient people I have met. Not a single time did we feel rushed at a showing, and he would always find time to discuss the property, pricing, possible repairs etc. extensively afterwards. Also, although it took us a full year to find our perfect house, he never made us feel pressured to settle for anything less. Overall, we are incredibly pleased to have gotten to work with Joe, and his (and Susan’s) expertise, professionalism, and patience was the reason we found our dream house.

Jon E

Seth was very helpful & accomodating of my crazy schedule!

I enjoyed working with him!

Sarah M

We are relocating from NY to Columbus and Seth made this entire process an absolute pleasure.

From the intial tour of the area to the closing he was informative, supportive and extremely helpful.

Katherinie D

Seth did an exceptional job!

He was experienced and very professional . He guided us through the buying process with tremendous expertise and kindness. I trust him and would recommend him highly and without any reservation.

Suzanne S

Seth is a dedicated, professional agent who cares about his clients.

He is easy to work with, knows the market well and is always available for a question or idea.

Benjamin A

Seth was great

Keith Neuhart

Seth did a great job.

Very easy to work with and helped put us in a great position to sell our house.

Joe B

Seth was always very professional and very prompt in responding to our endless e-mails and texts throughout our home buying process.

He is a friendly, dedicated, and hard working individual. We often relied on him for advice and felt we could trust his opinion/s completely. My husband and I would and will highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Vera S

Seth Janitzki and the stager and photographer did an excellent job for us.

We appreciate the professionalism of all three and have already highly recommended Seth and Cam Taylor to friends who may be selling their homes soon.

Christine C

Susan was an absolute pleasure as our agent.

Our search became an adventure!!! Days of seeing houses with Susan felt like episodes of House Hunters. One day we viewed 11 houses!!! We could not be happier with our house! Thank you so much Susan!!!!

Kristopher Adams

We were fortunate enough to have two realtors for the price of one Seth Janitzki and Greg Giessler.

They are both very professional and very knowledgeable and aware of the market. Most of our communication was with Seth. He was very responsive and had a talent of putting my mind at ease when I would get anxious about an issue. I am very pleased with Cam Taylor company. It is a established company with years of reputable experience. I will highly recommend both realtors and off course Cam Taylor Company.

Simin G

Seth really knows the market!

He was always quick to respond to calls or text messages. He made the whole process very easy.

Holly B

Joe and Susan Did a fantastic job listening to our needs and scheduling appointments with other agents with our short window.

Also well plugged in the market for family doctors. Shopping and great entertainment with family. I appreciate their solid communication and has developed into a relationship friendship. I plan to recommend Joe and Susan who represent Cam Taylor brand with first class service. Thanks for your passion to your clients. It goes a long way. Josh and Pilar Barnhart

Joshua B

Joe Schneider was excellent.

He made the entire process so smooth and comfortable. I had never purchased a home on my own before and was surprised at how easy Joe made it. He was very responsive and knowledgeable. Addressed all of my concerns. I would/will recommend Joe to anyone needing the assistance of an agent.

Diane W

Seth Janitzki is a polished professional and a skilled negotiator.

He guidance and experience facilitated the purchase of our dream home which I do not believe other agents could have accomplished due to the complexity of the deal. We are 100% satisfied with Seth and Cam Taylor as a result of the transaction.

Matt S

Seth was amazing to work with.

He was friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating, and he’s one of the best realtors we’ve ever met. He really knew the market, and he took the time to make sure we knew exactly what we needed to do during each stage of the buying and selling process. Thank you for helping us sell our home... and helping us buy a new one! We look forward to working with Seth in the future and recommending him to our family and friends.

Teena Parker

Susan Tritsch was our agent and she responded to every text, email and phone call.

Exactly how a realtor should handle business with a client. I would highly recommend her to everyone!!

Patricia K

Seth Janitzki was excellent and can't say enough about him!

! He went well above expectations!! Thank you so much Seth!!! You're a life saver!!

Andre Meeks

Seth is a wonderful agent.

He is professional, has great attention to detail, and helped us throughout the entire process. He anticipated issues before they became problems, and he made our experience as easy as possible.

Brittany W

Everyone from your office was outstanding !

Thank you all !

Steven C

Seth did an awesome job with helping us get into the right house and showing us through all of the options.

He helped explain the market and also the ups and downs of each place we worked at. It was a pleasure working with Seth and look forward to hopefully being able to use Seth in the future and also promote Seth to others looking for a place.

Joey H

Seth did an excellent job for us from the very beginning until we closed on our house!

He listened to what was important to us and then found several options that made our choice difficult as we loved more than one home. We are moving from out of the state so Seth handled a lot of different items for us that made the experience not stressful. We are so thankful that we had Seth as our agent and would highly recommend him to others.

Cheryl Ann Gilreath

We love Seth!

! He helped us find and purchase the house and there was no one else we would have used to help us sell it. He truly listened to us and was incredibly helpful on both the buying and the selling side. Our only regret is that we've now moved out of state and couldn't use Seth to purchase our new home.

Ann-Margret Gidley

Working with Joe has been easy and efficient!

He communicates well throughout the entire transaction and puts everyone's minds at ease. He takes great care of his clients and will help you find your dream home!

Kelsey G

We loved working with Seth.

George Welling

Seth was an incredible partner in buying our first home in Columbus.

We didn't know the area too well, but he spent a weekend driving us around the different areas as well as providing his personal experience he's gained by being a resident of Columbus for many years. He has a great attention for detail and experience looking for things which may cost us down the road, or should be considered during the buying process. Once we located a house we wanted to bid on, he was extremely responsive and we trusted him throughout the process. We couldn't be more happy with the house we purchased! He went above and beyond to not only schedule things like inspections, and Radon mitigation quotes, but also made sure they happened while we were out of town. We are very pleased with our experience, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to purchase/sell real estate in the area.

Nathaniel B

I have used real estate agents seven times as an adult, from Dallas to Ohio to several places on the east coast, and I've had some very good real estate agents, but Seth tops the list.

He is knowledgeable, prompt, and most importantly, he has high integrity. He is patient, flexible and never pushy.

Susan M

Seth was responsive and professional, and most importantly not overbearing and pushy.

Even though we were first time home buyers, he was flexible and patient when we were trying to adjust to a home-searching routine that fit best around our work week. It took about 2 months of unsuccessful searching and bidding before we realized we hadn't been asking the right questions. We scheduled a meeting and had a rather long discussion about bidding and how to adapt strategies to fit the current market. He gave us enough insight to the market, that we were able to develop a more agressive bid strategy that helped us secure our new home. Closing was easy enough and Seth helped us out with keeping on-schedule and made sure things moved along rather smoothly.

Vivian N

Susan was amazing.

This was our first time buying a home, and we knew very little about the process or what to look for at showings. Susan, as well as her husband who is also a realtor, was very knowledgeable and often pointed out things (good and bad) we would not have noticed. She was not looking to just find us a house. It genuinely felt like she wanted to find the right house for us. She is very good with communication and explaining things, and would respond to questions or requests quicker than expected. We were not her only clients, but it often felt like we were. We could not be happier with experience with Susan or our new home.

Dainelle S

Seth Janitzki was awesome to work with from start to finish.

Will use again and would highly recommend once we get to know people in the Columbus area.

Gordon B

Seth exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend him to others.

He offered outstanding knowledge and customer service - just awesome!

Kathryn T

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